Monday, April 23, 2007

Hijab styles I like

BBC news did a little spread of the different types of hijabs, alhamdulilaah, I found it. Check it out

Here is a website that shows you how to wrap the shayla hijab: Click here and wrap away!

This website is for the hardcore Muslim divas! Brace yourself

Some photos of hijab styles (click on the picture to enlarge it).

I found these courtesy of hijab shop. I like the fringe in the front.

ohhh, this one is nice

Here is a tucked in style I wear when I have a presentation for work or go to a conference. I think it looks elegant.

I might try this when winter rolls around again, insha'allah.

This is the Mauritanian hijab. As you can tell, they take a big piece of material and wrap it around the body and to the head. They call it a malafah. In my years of being married to a Mauritanian I've been unable to wrap it properly. I also trip over the fabric, lol. Sudanis also wear the same type of garment but they call it a "thob".

I love the way Malaysian and Thai sisters wear their hijab. I tend to wear mine like this if I have on a baggy shirt or I make the hijab bigger so it covers the breast area.

I found this pic on someone's flickr blog and thought it was absolutely beautiful, mashallah. (If this is your photo and you don't want it on your blog, please contact me and let me know).


I like the way she wrapped her hijab. did she get it to look so neat?

I will keep adding more hijab style to this post as I find them, insha'allah...


Mercy said...

Salaam, i adore the turkish ( in a bun) hijab style, it looks gorgeous even sexy dare i say it but i guess thats more to do with the outfit aswell. I usually wear as shayla i think that looks best for my face shape.

HijabiApprentice said...

Asalaamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu,

Shukran for the different hijab pics! I have tried so many styles but I tend to wear the shayla the most although I have recently become slightly obsessed with really large square scarves. My fave pic was the floral scarf witht the point in the front! So cute!

ma'a salaamah,


ps: If you know of a site with really cute underscarves please share.

Jamerican Muslimah aka Muslim Diva said...


Walaikum salaam. I like the Turkish one too. Sexy hijab? LOL.

Walaikum salaam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu hijab app,

I've seen pretty underscarves somewhere...I'll try to remember where.

Genie X said...

Great blog!

Hope you don't mind, I borrowed one of your images for an entry I was on Hijab and Islamophobia.If anyone clicks on the image, it take them to this blog.


bh-4 said...


I like the last hijab style... since it is stylish but it still maintains the basic requirements of a hijab... from the front view that is... since that it covers the bodyshape of a woman... that is the most important aspect... from my point of view, the other styles of hijab in your blog is somehow no valid in terms of the real functionality of the hijab... anyways... keep up this blog :) may Allah bless you...

Anonymous said...

Isn't this Iman the Somali super model?

Anonymous said...

Have a look at this video for hijab styles.


FADZILAH said...

If i'm not mistaken....
The last picture looks exactly like my friend...hehehehe =P

anyway, nice blog =)

Anonymous said...

Salaam Aliakum sister,

I am desperateto know and learn a particular hijab style on yer website.
Its the pic underneath the blue hijab pic. turkish ( in a bun) hijab style

PLEASE HELP.. tell me hoe its doen :(

I will be so happy and i will pray for you.

My email address is

Haya said...

I love the hijab which is blue in color and the caption underneath it is that you wear it to your meetings or something.
I've recently started covering my head and would really like to know how to wear that style. I must have spent about two hours trying to wear it but i have no idea how!
I'd appreciate any help!