Thursday, June 21, 2007

Ode to polka dots and the search for modest clothing

As salaam alaikum everyone (sorry I've been away so long. I've been very busy).

Let me just jump right in and say that I absolutely polka dots! I was so pleased when I saw that they have made a come back. As a Muslimah I'm always on the look out for Islamic (or Islamically oriented) clothing with polka dots. So far I've run into very few. The only polka dotted clothing I've found so far is this skirt (pictured below) from Marabo Online:

I love it! Someday soon I plan to order it insha'allah. I've basically settled for the few polka dot hijabs I've been able to find. Though I rarely shop in the mall, when I have been there I've kept my eye out for something "convertible". So far I haven't seen anything.

As most hijab-wearing Muslimahs know, it's very difficult to find something modest around this time a year (let alone something polka-dotted.) My experience has been as follows: if it's long-sleeved it's tight, see-through or too short. If it's baggy it's also see-through or too short. If it's a long skirt it has huge slits on the sides or in the back. I used to feel so frustrated until I discovered the world of online Islamic clothing stores. Alhamdulillah, I live in the Twin Cities so I can venture to one of the Somali malls where they have a large variety of long skirts and hijabs. (I used to tell my Florida friends that they would pass out if they saw the vast amount of stalls with nothing but Islamic clothing)!

I recently went to the Somali mall and found, much to my surprise, several polka dot skirts. I have to say that the sisters do a good job of ordering clothing that is inexpensive but stylish. They seem to know what the latest trends are. (Most of their skirts go for around $20 and hijabs for $5). However, like everything in life there is a downside. The two for me are: (1) Many of the skirts are mermaid-shaped. I don't care to own so many skirts in that shape. (Maybe one or two but not a wardrobe full). (2) If you're a person who loves to be original it can be rather difficult since practically every Somali woman in the Twin Cities buys her clothing from there. I don't like wearing the same type of clothing everyone else is wearing. (Call it the diva in me, lol).

Anyhow, I digress. If you know of any great polka dot finds, drop me a comment.


Rosashe said...


oh wow, thats a nice skirt!!!


Anonymous said...

Assalaamu aleikum sister

If you see someone wearing the same as you, you say salaams, smile graciously, and complement her on her good taste!


working said...

That is a cute skirt!