Sunday, December 16, 2007

New Photo Blog

As salaam alaikum all,

I started a photo blog over at wordpress. I was inspired by Afro Sugar's photo blog. Not long ago, I asked her or him (not sure who is putting the site together) if they could post some pics of Black Muslimahs since we are beautiful too. Although there is a picture there right now, I had some issues with it... After thinking about it, I said, who am I to tell someone else what to post on their blog? I realized that I could start my own photo blog dedicated to hijabis. So here it is, my contribution to the ummah (lol): Modest and Beautiful

If you have any pics you'd like to suggest, please send them to me at Jazakhallah!


ammena said...

love it sis, masha'allah. Keep em coming.. I always like to see muslimahs in higher positions other than the kitchen sink, as nice as it is there :P Fi amenallah

Redhotblue said...


Thank you for visting my blog and I welcome your contribution to uplifting the image of women everywhere. And yes, most definitely, Muslimahs ARE beautiful women as well. I really love the perspective of your new blog. I plan to visit often. Good luck.


Admin, Afrosugar